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Adopt a Pedigree Cat

How to Adopt a Cat

1 Check the 'Cats Available to Reserve' section on this site.

You are not 'buying' a cat just because they can be reserved: you are able to reserve pending approval. 
2 If keen to apply, complete the Adoption Interest Form. 
3 Having sent your Adoption Interest Form, visit the Shop section to reserve a pet if especially keen to be considered for ones shown.
Reserve cats early because it prevents confusing outcomes if several people apply at the same time. Once you have reserved we will deal only with you, until we accept or decline you.

Reservation shows your commitment; it is only by taking reservations that we can know who is serious. If approved, you pay nothing else.

If declined, you will know very quickly and any reservation funds will come right back in full by Paypal, at the time of us declining you.

In the very rare event you visit the pet and at the adoption visit, decide the pet isn't what you seek, you're also refunded in full. Of course you cannot know for sure til you make that visit. Nor can we know for sure that the owner will love you and choose you for their pet! However, 99.9% of the time, a happy adoption happens at that meeting.

Reserve only when when SURE you wish to adopt, and take the commitment seriously.

You do not have to reserve a pet but by doing so, you know nobody else can take that pet ahead of you. Sometimes it happens that pets get no applicants for months and then suddenly, they all apply at once.

4 We will be in touch to progress applications and to request photos of household members, pets and the home inside and out. If you are one of those folk who say 'I don't like sending pics of my house/family' etc, you are not for us. We would never send people on adoption visits to owners' homes without first sending cat owners a full set of images so they know what sort of people and home their cats will go to.
Send large photo files separately, to [email protected]
If approved, the Reservation Fee becomes your Adoption Fee and nothing more is due.
Around 45% of applicants are declined at present. Fees are refunded same day as the declension and cat(s) made available again to other applicants. 

Top Reasons for Declining Applicants

Stupid questions are the top reason to decline applicants; remember your questions will be some indicator of how skilled you are, at cat ownership or integration.
While we don't mind guiding novices (in fact novices welcome as long as willing to learn) we don't expect 'silly' questions:
Will he drop hair?
How long will he live?
Will he need any vet treatment in the next 5 years?
Will this cat scratch the furniture? (Er, probably; this is a cat!)
Will this cat like my dog/elephant/pig? Umm, if cats have been around dogs, we state it in the write-up but we usually we don't know. It comes down to your skill at cat integration.
Most Persians are really sociable if handled correctly and introduced slowly.

Lack of thought is another reason to decline. Here are some real answers from application forms:

"What would you feed your new cat?" ANSWER: "Cat food".
"Please tell us what you would vaccinate against". ANSWER: "Things that make the cat ill". Also "Bird flu".
Forms that don't convey your personality and lifestyle are not ones we can put forward to the pet owners. It's no good you asking us to chat to you on the phone; we can't pass a phone call to the pet owners; they need to see you put the effort in, in the way it is requested.

Unsuitable environment/lifestyle for the pet available. E.g. "I am on holiday for the next 3 months, will this be a problem? I can always take the cat with me."
Treating us like a shop, i.e. "is there discount if I buy an old one/two at once".

Lack of adequate planning
: for example, it's frustrating to discuss a cat with someone and then hear them say "I will discuss it with my husband; I haven't told him I was getting another cat". 

Make certain all the family is consulted and involved in the process before contacting any rescue. It just wastes our time otherwise. We are not all crazy cat ladies with nothing to do but sit knitting bonnets for cats. We have jobs, and we need to spend time wisely, just like everyone! 
Another priceless example was the lady who sent "family photos" without checking them. Let's just say they were not the sort of pics expected. Very nice I'm sure, if you're into that sort of thing!


After adopting, you have a commitment to give the pet adequate facilities and time to settle IN ITS OWN SPACE in a room of its own, away from the family.

We are decidedly unimpressed by people who, the next day, email saying 'I don't think this cat will mix with my cats' - i.e. they have taken the pet home and put it right in with other animals or simply let it out in the living room, expecting it to settle right in.

We also get:

"It isn't eating, it will die."

Cats normally do not eat for a few days post upheaval. Again, common knowledge. The less stressy you are, the more likely the cat settles. People who have anxious behaviours pass these to their pets. Don't be one of them.

If you adopt a pedigree adult cat it is expected that you know what good cat integration entails. Putting cats straight in with other pets, giving them free run of the house and then being shocked when they hide, confining them to cages, or panicking if they don't eat straight away... well, guys, do your research on how all these habits harm pets.

If you have poor integration practices then the adoption will be difficult. We ask for EXPERIENCED adopters not novices as we cannot hand-hold. There are often many good home offers per pet. 
To give a cat adequate time to settle could take up to a month, going slowly and carefully.

You are not acquiring a product; it's a pet with unique habits and traits.

What if I adopt Direct and the Pet is Unwell?

If you adopt a pet with us as intermediary, (where the cat is still in the owner's care, not with our fosterers), then we rely on what the owner has said about the pet, and their provided images. If you then see the pet and it does not appear 'as advertised' **you must decline the pet and explain to the owner**. 

They can then come back to us and we can determine what they should do; in most cases it would mean they have to get any necessary work addressed at our own cost. because they have already decided further investment in their pet isn't something they can do  So we would need to raise funds to get the issues looked at, that you have brought to our attention.

However, most are exactly as expected.

If you get a pet home and find, for example, it is not neutered, contact us and we will arrange to pay your vet direct for any essential vet care immediately post adoption.

NEVER return a pet to the original owner - always do what has been agreed with the rescue.

If you make a decision to take a pet back to his/her owner, that is too upsetting for the owner and we need to know that you are following normal procedures to care for the adopted pet.

Candy & Cruz - Coming to UK From Qatar - RESERVED for Jenifer & John R of Bromley, Kent

We have limited details for this incoming pair of Persians from Qatar; they have been abuse cases and have come through a lot together so must be homed as a pair. The info below is what we have received from Qatar. 

The situation is that the cats will be sent to UK as soon as a home (i.e. a suitable, approved home) has reserved them. There will be two fee strands for incoming cats from Qatar; one, you will need to pay an adoption fee to Chapelhouse Persian Rescue to cover our own costs (in line with usual practice) and a % of this fee will be sent to Qatar to the rescue there.


On the photo - Candy is right, with copper eyes.
Cruz is left, with blue eyes. 

And second, we will need to raise separate funds to send to Qatar, to further contribute towards their export and all the preparations that were necessary in order to get them ready to leave Qatar, such as vaccinations, blood tests, coat clipping, and identichips. The adopter is not expected to fund both these costs and the costs of the adoption fee unless they wish.


The future for cats like Candy and Cruz in Qatar is very bleak; if we do not manage to get cats like this into UK they will have nowhere suitable to go, because good homes don't happen in Qatar very often and there are up to 68 cats needing to come to UK that are already on the rescue's list (we will be listing these as and when they are fit to travel). They will not need quarantine as they will fit the criteria for the Pet Travel Scheme, and all necessary work will have been done in Qatar already.

Please note it is now fairly simple to bring cats into UK, eve from Qatar, so if you reserve them then they are ready to be shipped and we can provide more details at that point.

Both cats had appalling backgrounds but here is, as an example, a snippet of Cruz's story: 

"Cruz was thrown from a car window on the corniche in the middle of traffic in the middle of summer. It took until 2 am to catch him and we pulled him from the bonnet of a landcruiser, hence the name".

"Candy has been his girlfriend and he was really quite timid until she came along. She is around 3 to 4 years and he is around 2. Just so you know all of our cats are fully vaccinated, chipped and spayed/neutered.

Photos are shown with medium length coats and directly after haircuts. The Qatar rescue keeps them shaved".

Post adoption stories and photos will be essential if you adopt Candy and Cruz, since saving cats from dire situations like this and then preparing them for new homes, and exporting them overseas is really quite distressing for their Qatar rescuers; please only adopt if willing to stay in contact with the Qatar rescuers.

They are all registered in the state of Qatar in the rescuer's name so adoptive parents will need to provide details and complete adoption formalities online; it is a simple process!

If you are keen to offer Candy & Cruz a permanent home in UK/Europe please complete the Adoption Interest Form.

You may also reserve Candy & Cruz. This removes the possibility of other applicants being assessed before you, and gives priority to your application. Click the link to read more about Terms.

How does the Intermediary Adoption Work?

Where pets are in their own homes, you are adopting from us as intermediaries between you and the pet owner. 

We home pets UK wide use our judgement on the health status of the pet based on owners' statements, videos, photos and vet reports. If we are in doubt about the health of a pet or the owner makes us aware something is amiss, we ask for a vet report. For example, if the owner sends us photos that don't look recent, hasn't enough evidence to support their claims of a healthy pet or says the pet has not seen a vet for years, has a matted coat, is thin or has any other ailments, we ask for a vet visit and report.

An intermediary adoption is different from a normal rescue adoption as the cat is in the OWNERS' care not the rescue's care. You are paying a standard adoption rate for the age and evident health status at the time of adoption, and for our work in collaborating with yourselves and the pet owner. It is an onerous task to liaise between two parties and we protect the identities and personal data of both parties until you meet the pet.

You are in charge of making the decision about the suitability of the pet, so if you have worries then please return home without the pet and make us aware of any issues. We can then address these with the owner and temporarily suspend the pet's availability.

We always refund in full where a visit has been made and the cat NOT adopted, since pets should be declined if there are concerns (unless of course you're willing to take on the pet regardless). 

By using the intermediary service you need to judge whether you want the pet or not; you can also ask us to request the owner to send the pet to a veterinary surgeon for a report if you are worried, and we can liaise for you to go back at a later date to take the pet. 

Can I be Refunded if the Pet is Ill Later?

No. Fees are commensurate with the age and evident health at the time of adoption and our system is such that if you have concerns about the pet, you should decline the pet at the visit and not bring him or her away.

Pets are not refundable 'items' as you are adopting based on your judgement, and unfortunately most Persians are going to present with something sooner or later. So please DECLINE to take a pet you're not happy with for any reason at all.

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